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What Is A Mini Tummy Tuck?

What is a mini tummy tuck?

The difference between a mini tummy tuck and its standard counterpart is simple: it involves a smaller incision and a less comprehensive dissection. Essentially, the extra skin and fat under the navel is tightened and pulled, without changing the location of the belly button, or making a hip to hip scar. It’s a quicker operation, involves less downtime, and leaves less scarring – and unsurprisingly, it’s being talked about a lot in the press.

Before you start rushing to book yourself in for a mini tummy tuck, however, it’s worth discussing what it doesn’t do – repair the muscles of your abdominal walls, which have been damaged by the extra weight you’ve been carrying.

After pregnancy and substantial weight loss, previously taut and perfectly-positioned abdominal muscles can loosen and weaken – and sometimes they can even separate from each other. And no matter how active you are in the gym, it’s impossible to put ab muscles back to where they belong without a little surgical help. This aspect of the tummy tuck is just as important as the skin and fat-removal element, and to skip it can cause problems in the long run.

Am I a suitable candidate for the mini tummy tuck?

If you have a minimal amount of excess skin and your abdominal wall is still strong, you may be a suitable candidate for the mini tummy tuck. If you’ve undergone pregnancy – or have been carrying excess weight for some time – the chances are your ab walls are not strong enough, and a mini tummy tuck will not do the job you’ll want it to.

Although the thought of a smaller scar can be attractive, a mini tummy tuck is still a complex surgical procedure performed under a general anaesthetic, with the same potential risks and complications as a full tummy tuck. If you are committing to surgery, then choosing the procedure that will best achieve your goals is essential.

Obviously, it can be difficult to work out for yourself which procedure you are most suited for, so it makes sense to book yourself in for a tummy tuck consultation. Mr Anthony Macquillan will perform a comprehensive physical examination and will then be able to advise you on the most appropriate tummy tuck procedure.