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What Can A Tummy Tuck Can Do?

What can a tummy tuck can do?

An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, can be a highly effective cosmetic surgery procedure which typically results in a high level of patient satisfaction. Although they’re still chiefly associated with women who have gone through pregnancy, they can do a world of good for people of all ages and genders. If you have weakened stomach muscles through carrying excess weight, saggy skin after pregnancy or extreme weight loss, or just want to restore a more toned abdomen that exercise alone can no longer achieve, the tummy tuck is the perfect solution.

However, there are still a few misconceptions about what a tummy tuck can do, so if you’re thinking about undergoing the procedure, it makes sense to gen up and go into your consultation with both eyes open.

It CAN smooth your abdomen…

Lumbered with extra fat around the stomach area that just won’t shift, however many crunches you do or how little calories you count? Then a tummy tuck is just the thing. We can remove stubborn pockets of fat with minor liposuction, resulting in a smoother contour.

…but it CAN’T keep it flat without your help

While a tummy tuck is a great final touch on getting your body back to how it was before – especially if you’ve gone through pregnancy – it can only be performed on people who are already at a stable weight, because if you pile on the pounds afterwards, the results are going to be ruined. Remember: although it can remove excess fat, a tummy tuck will do nothing to prevent you gaining weight in the future.

It CAN reset your stomach muscles…

One of the procedures which can be undertaken during a tummy tuck is the restoration of stomach muscles which have been weakened by carrying excess weight, such as a baby or a hefty amount of flab.

…but it CAN’T give you an automatic six-pack

Sadly, muscle tone and prominent abs is something you’re going to have to get for yourself. However, most of our clients say that the results of a tummy tuck procedure – which gives them a slimmer profile – is all the inspiration they need to kickstart a healthier, more active lifestyle.

It CAN remove saggy excess skin…

There’s nothing worse than going through all that time and effort to lose weight, only to discover that the skin has refused to snap back into place – and in some cases, people feel they looked better when they had all that weight on in the first place. A tummy tuck can be the only solution to this problem, as we can trim off the excess skin to give you the shape you desire.

…but it CAN’T remove most stretch marks

Stretch marks: they’re not just for mothers. They can be found on the abdomen, hips and thighs, and are usually caused by the skin being unable to properly accommodate rapid growth – resulting in skin tears at a deep level. While a tummy tuck can get rid of some of them – where we remove excess skin – there’s little that can be done about those on the rest of the abdomen.

If you need to know more about what a tummy tuck can do, it makes sense to book a consultation session with us at your earliest convenience. We can talk about why you feel you need one in the first place, what you want to look like afterwards, answer any other questions you may have, and explain what results we are likely to achieve. Then you can make an informed choice about whether to go ahead with an abdominoplasty at this stage.