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Panniculectomy Or An Abdominoplasty After Massive Weight Loss?

Panniculectomy or an abdominoplasty after massive weight loss?

We know that losing weight – particularly excessive weight – can be a hugely positive and even a life-changing experience. But after the sense of achievement and the plaudits from your GP and your peers has come and gone, one thing remains: the realisation that the fat might be gone but the sagging, excess skin on your stomach is not snapping back into place.

In extreme circumstances, the results of this weight loss – hanging folds of skin which lop over the belt and continue to stretch – can negatively affect people far worse than the weight gain ever did, both physically and mentally. The excess weight of the skin can lead to back problems, rashes and general discomfort can take place, and you may feel that you actually looked better when you were obese. Certain people who have undergone extreme weight loss can feel they’re occupying someone else’s body, or they feel that the work they’ve put in to lose weight wasn’t worth it. In fact, one common reaction is the decision to put the weight back on again.

Luckily, what gravity has ruined, aesthetic surgery can restore. There are two procedures which can restore your body shape and finish the job you started– panniculectomy and abdominoplasty. Let’s talk about them.

Abdominoplasty FAQs

You probably know the abdominoplasty procedure by the tabloid-friendly terms ‘tummy tuck’ or ‘mummy makeover’, but whatever you call it, it’s the same thing: a procedure designed to improve the look of your abdomen. Although no two abdominoplasty procedures are the same, there are four main things that happen:

  • The removal of excess abdominal skin and fat
  • The tightening of the muscles which make up the abdominal wall, in order to restore them to their original position
  • The relocation of the belly button
  • The closing up of the incisions that have been made

It’s an intensive procedure, and will require a lot of downtime afterwards – but it’s the best method for resetting your original shape as well as removing the excess skin, taking out any remaining fat, and creating a smooth body contour.

Panniculectomy FAQs

Simply put, this is a procedure that does everything an abdominoplasty does, bar the tightening of the stomach muscles. In certain cases, when there is minimal to no weakening of the abdominal wall in a client, panniculectomy will be recommended. It’s also recommended for people who suffer from chronic skin irritation from skin folds chafing against each other, and back pain from carrying excess skin. The procedure is simple: the excess skin is cut and removed, and the remaining skin is sutured together.

Both procedures have been performed thousands of times, and are becoming the fastest-rising procedures in the field of aesthetic surgery. So if you’re bothered with excess skin, your next step should be to book a consultation with us and let us help you come to a decision over which procedure is the right one for you.