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Lipo Under Local

Lipo under local

Liposuction under local anaesthetic is now available! I have just launched a new treatment – liposuction on an outpatient basis – walk in, walk out. Treatment time is approximately 3 to 4 hours including a short stay for post operative cooling (Hilotherapy) to reduce post procedural swelling, inflammation and pain. The technique uses the latest in liposuction technology in the form of the BodyJet Evo – this uses gentle water jets to dislodge the fat cells as opposed to traditional liposuction, which relies on tissue disruption for fat removal. Ideal for treating targeted areas of stubborn fat deposits the procedure does not require a general anaesthetic meaning that you can go straight home once your session is over. Additionally because of the gentle method of fat removal pain, bruising and swelling are markedly reduced meaning less down time for you. The treatment is available at the Spire Hospital in Bristol, St. Joseph’s Hospital in Newport and at Absolute Aesthetics in London. Prices start from £2,000. For more information please contact us at, via Absolute Aesthetics or by phone on 07855 054770.

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