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Revision breast enlargement

Breast implants, like everything, have a finite life span. Implants today are of higher quality than ever before but even so the life span currently quoted for a breast implant is 10 to 15 years, meaning that you will have to have your implants changed at some point. There are other reasons too that may require you to have further surgery after your initial breast augmentation procedure, and these usually relate to implant rupture (particularly if you have had your implants in for a long while), capsular contracture or because of an undesired outcome of the primary procedure.

With revision surgery it is necessary to understand that the operation is different to the primary surgery. The size of your breasts will have obviously increased and the breast tissue and skin will have thinned out a little. In most cases a significant amount of time will have passed since the first procedure and so your skin will be older and less resilient or more prone to stretching. What may often be seen is that the position of the nipple may have dropped as a result of the effects of time and gravity on the soft tissues. All these factors impact on what will need to be done during revision breast augmentation surgery.