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Inverted nipple correction

Inverted nipples occur due to retraction of the ducts connecting your nipples to the underling breast tissue. This is corrected by dividing these ducts and then stopping scar tissue forming between the cut ends of the ducts and pulling the nipple back inwards. To do this tissue has to be placed between the cut ends of the ducts. This is either done with a stitch inside the base of the nipple or by folding a piece of tissue into the space between the cut ends of the ducts.

Correction of inverted nipples is usually done under local anaesthetic and you can go home after the procedure. To correct inverted nipples on both breasts takes in the region of an hour.

If you have not completed your family, plan to have further children and would like to breast feed, it is important to realise that by cutting the ducts between the breast tissue and the nipple it is likely that you will be unable to breast feed. If you would like to discuss inverted nipple correction surgery in Bristol, London or Newport, book a consultation below.