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Lipo under local™

One of the key advantages of the Body-Jet system is minimizing the time it takes for you to have your treatment. Unlike other forms of liposuction you don’t need to have a general anaesthetic and the majority of patients do not need sedation. This means that you can have your treatment as an outpatient – reducing time spent in hospital and avoiding the recovery from a general anaesthetic. Your treatment will take approximately four hours from walking in to hospital to walking out again.

You can have virtually any area of the body treated this way – abdomen, thighs, arms, knees, calves, ankles, chin and neck. The possibility of not having to go under anaesthetic is there for both small and larger areas of fat removal. Likewise if you are choosing to have fat grafting (filling) many areas of treatment do not require the additional use of general anaesthesia – you can have breast augmentation with your own fat without needing to be put to sleep.

The Body-Jet Liposuction procedure

The process begins with an outpatient consult where I will see you personally and we can discuss what you are hoping to achieve from the surgery and what is possible (it is important to have realistic expectations from the procedure).

After the initial consult you will receive a letter going over what we discussed during the consultation and will be given a further appointment to discuss any additional questions you have (it is almost inevitable that there will be some things that you will have forgotten to ask!).

On the day of surgery you will come to the hospital or clinic. You will need to bring a dressing gown and something to read or watch for afterwards.

You will have the procedure done with you fully awake and afterwards you will have Hilotherapy treatment to reduce the post-op swelling and inflammation (this also significantly reduces pain). After a couple of hours of Hilotherapy treatment you are free to go home (though it is recommended that you get someone to pick you up or take a taxi). You will normally be given a pressure garment to wear and will need to use this for six weeks following the procedure.

You will be given painkillers and antibiotics to take home together with a massage roller, which will help to gently ease the swelling in the soft tissues. It is important to use this regularly in conjunction with the pressure garment to get the quickest possible recovery.

Body-Jet Liposuction and fat grafting combined

Liposuction and fat grafting can be done in the same treatment session and can both be performed under local anaesthetic. The areas commonly treated with fat graft under local anaesthetic include the face, lips, hands and breasts.

Aftercare after a Body-Jet Liposuction procedure

You will be seen regularly in outpatients following on from the procedure as with all my patients. I see people at two weeks after surgery, six weeks, three months, six months, at a year and then on a yearly basis for five years – so you will receive the same level of personalised care during the whole of your journey from start to finish.

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Body Jet Liposuction
Body Jet Liposuction
Body Jet Liposuction
Body Jet Liposuction
Body Jet Liposuction
Body Jet Liposuction
Body Jet Liposuction
Body Jet Liposuction