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Body lift surgery

Following massive weight loss the elation of having achieved such a massive goal can be tinged by a feeling of self consciousness due to the appearance of redundant or excess skin.

Body lift surgery addresses excess skin around the lower trunk, both front and back, elevating the buttocks, lifting the pubic region and lifting the lateral portion of the thighs. It can be combined with a medial or full thigh lift.

In certain circumstances Mr. MacQuillan, together with a consultant colleague, will combine a full lower body lift with a brachioplasty (arm lift) and breast uplift (mastopexy), known as a total body lift, so that post operative down time can be reduced.

This surgery is very specialised and requires careful preoperative planning and medical work up, normally including the use of diet supplements. If you are considering body lift surgery please make this clear when booking a consultation as extra time will be allowed to cover all the essential points in detail.

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Frequently asked questions

What’s the first thing I should do when considering a body lift?

One of the key things to get right way before surgery is undertaken is nutrition. If you have lost a large amount of weight through diet and exercise then this may not affect you to the same degree as those who have had bariatric surgical procedures, but if you have had a gastric band or bypass surgery then there is a significant chance that you could be nutritionally depleted. This runs the risk of wound healing problems following a body lift (the body will have trouble finding the protein needed to heal so many wounds). Additionally if you suffer with diabetes, then making sure that this is optimally controlled prior to any planned procedure will pay dividends when it comes to the time for surgery. As part of the consultation and pre operative work up process you will probably be required to see one of the consultant physicians with a specialist interest in bariatric surgery patients and a dietary plan will be formulated to ensure that you are as nutritionally healthy as is possible prior to the surgery being performed. As with most things in life proper planning is the key to success!

Are the any post operation considerations from a body lift?

Following body lift surgery you will need to stay in hospital for up to 4 nights and when you are discharged home you will need someone available to look after you and provide care for at least a week afterwards. Your moment will be restricted and you will find bending and lifting difficult. You may also require help with wash and dressing in the first instance.

What can make my life easier post operation?

Like with a thigh lift, there are incisions on the inner aspect of the groin with body lift surgery and often there are scars on the medial aspect of the thighs as well. It can be difficult managing to go to the loo easily following the surgery and practiced use of the shewee ( beforehand is recommended so that afterwards you will minimise the risk of getting dressings soiled with urine.

How long is the recovery period after a body lift?

The recovery period following body lift surgery is variable. Some patients need minimal support after the first week or so and other will struggle for quite some time. One of the biggest areas that can be problematic is wound breakdown. Because the surgery results in a large number of wounds that the body needs to heal simultaneously, there is an increased risk of one or more areas or the wounds breaking down. If this were to happen then dressing would be required unit the healing process is complete (and this can take quite a few weeks). Additionally there is the risk of seroma formation at one or more of the surgical sites and these may require repeated drainage. Together with other potential problems (all of which will be discussed in detail at your clinic appointment with Mr. MacQuillan) these can delay the time to complete recovery to varying amounts. A rough guide to recovery time is total wound healing completed by 4 to 6 weeks following surgery, with a full return to pre operative levels of activity at 3 to 4 months.

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Body Lift Surgery Bristol
Body Lift Surgery Bristol