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About Anthony Macquillan
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plastic surgery

in Bath, Bristol & London UK

Anthony MacQuillan: Expert in face lifts and body contouring

“The decision to have plastic surgery is not an easy one, the aim is to get a positive life-changing outcome – it’s why I provide every patient with honest, open and appropriate advice.


My approach is to listen carefully and give you all the time you need to tell me your wishes and desires – it really is all about you.


Understanding what’s possible and what’s not from the outset is critical to you getting the outcome you want.”


Anthony MacQuillan


Patients benefit from Anthony’s wealth of surgical experience and get an accurate understanding of what is possible and what’s not from the start.


If you elect to have surgery, you can expect the best experience available from start to finish and afterwards – Anthony operates an open-door policy at all times – if you want to speak to him at any time for any reason, just call and he will see you.


Anthony Macquillan has clinics in Bath, Bristol and London.

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Facelifts and Mini Facelifts

A facelift aims to reverse some of the effects of gravity and the ageing process on the face and neck.

Most commonly, patients request improvement in the definition of the jawline and the shape of the neck.

In youth, a sharply defined angle marks out the boundaries of the neck and lower jaw, however, the ageing process blunts this demarcation point and, at worst, results in a continuous band (or bands) of skin running from the neck directly to the chin.

Tummy Tucks

Operation where excess skin and, to a lesser extent, fat is removed from below the umbilicus (or tummy button).

Normal reasons for seeking a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, are after weight loss or following a pregnancy. It tightens the abdominal skin and can improve the waistline. It is sometimes combined with liposuction for additional contour definition depending on the amount of tissue that needs to be removed.

A popular procedure, it involves a short stay in hospital and you should be back to full activities by six weeks following surgery.

Virtual Consultations available

For your convenience, Anthony also offers virtual consultations. A 15-minute mini consultation is free of charge and a full 45-minute consultation is also available for a fee (with your subsequent full face-to-face consultation free).

Consultations can be done via Zoom video link or over the phone.

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