Where does the implant go?

Of the many patients I see requesting breast augmentation, one of the most frequently asked questions in clinic is ‘where will the implant go?’ The obvious answer to this is in the breast! However, this is not what I am really being asked – the question that well informed patients really want answered is ‘will my implant sit beneath the muscle or directly beneath the breast tissue?’ The answer to this surprisingly, is that for most patients, the implant will sit in a position that is partly covered by the muscle and partly covered by the breast tissue! The reason for this is that this technique (known as dual plane breast augmentation) has the best of both the older techniques of sub glandular implant placement (where the implant sits directly beneath the breast tissue) and sub muscular implant placement (where the whole of the implant sits beneath the pectoralis major muscle and other associated muscles).

By having the top portion of the implant sitting under the muscle this camouflages the top edge of the prosthesis giving a more natural appearance to the breast, as well as reducing the rate of visible implant rippling and capsule contraction problems. The bottom portion of the implant extends beyond the lower edge of the pectoralis muscle, covered only by the breast glandular tissue above, allowing increased implant projection and fullness of the breast compared to total sub muscular implant placement. This technique is particularly well suited to thinner patients or those with less breast tissue in the upper pole of the breast (those with an A or a B cup prior to surgery). For further explanation of implant placement please see my video explaining dual plane breast augmentation on my web page (or click here).

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