Welcome to my news, posts and journal club page and thank you for taking the time read it! Everyone has an extremely busy life and generally if you are like me things either catch my eye and get read as they are of interest or they go into the pile to be considered with the electricity bill at a (much) later date. My aim from this blog is to provide information that if you are considering surgery you might find useful, or if you are a surgeon you might find interesting (or if you are a surgeon considering surgery it could potentially be a must read!). The blog is going to be somewhat of a split personality with a journal club (mainly aimed at surgeons) containing a summary of recent or classic scientific papers, and a round up of current news in the world of cosmetic and aesthetic surgery. It will be searchable and I will have a journal club index once I have gone through enough articles and so hopefully it will be a resource for those visiting my website. If you have anything you would particularly like me to comment on or discuss please feel free to contact me via the web site contact page.

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