Belly Button Surgery And Tummy Tuck Combined

The on-trend cosmetic procedure: belly button surgery

While we don’t like to think of something as serious as cosmetic surgery as ‘trend-driven’, we can’t deny that certain procedures receive more attention in the media. And it turns out that the latest on-trend procedure is umbilicoplasty: otherwise known as belly button surgery.

The facts about belly buttons

The umbilicus – or belly button – is the scar tissue that remains after the umbilical cord is cut after childbirth. Although many people think that it’s shape – be it ‘innie’ or ‘outie’ – is caused by how close the cord is cut, this isn’t the case and those with an outie just have extra scar tissue.

If you don’t like the way it turns out – or you regret earlier misdemeanours, such as piercings that have gone wrong, or how it looks after extreme weight gain or subsequent weight loss – an umbilicoplasty could be the solution.

How umbilicoplasty works

An umbilicoplasty takes about an hour and is typically performed under local anaesthesia. Naturally, the procedure depends on what appearance you want. In you want to turn an outie into an innie, the practitioner will make a small incision around the navel and remove the excess skin. If you want to turn an innie into an outie, the practitioner will hang a small flap of skin inside the navel on the outside of it.

What happens after belly button surgery?

Because umbilicoplasty is a simple and relatively painless procedure, it’s a walk-in, walk-out procedure. The incisions heal quickly and are usually hidden, and in most cases dissolvable stitches are used, so there is no need for a second appointment to have them removed – although if you do have non-dissolvable stitching, we can remove them a week or so later.

Because bruising, swelling and discomfort is at a bare minimum, and healing begins immediately and is usually rapid. Most clients are able to return to work and perform normal activities right away and any scarring incurred during the procedure usually fades within a few months.

Belly button surgery and the tummy tuck combined

Typically, though, an umbilicoplasty is performed in combination with an abdominoplasty. During a tummy tuck, Mr Anthony MacQuillan makes an incision around the belly button to detach it from the surrounding skin. This allows him to pull and tighten the skin on the abdomen, removing any excess, and once this is done the belly button can be reshaped and moved to a more natural position.

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