Local anaesthetic Bodyjet treatments now available

BodyJet (water jet assisted liposuction) differs from traditional liposuction because un like other techniques rather than using high levels of suction to remove the fat, a gentle pressurised water fan or jet is used to dislodge the fat from the tissues and low pressure suction is then used to remove it. This means that there is far less damage to surrounding blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue which results in less bruising and swelling which as a patient means less post – operative downtime. Because the water jet is continually irrigating the tissues with the liposuction solution it means that the local anaesthetic can be continually delivered to the areas being liposucked.

For patients this translates into being able to have the procedure performed under local anaesthetic even when there is a large volume of fat that needs to be treated. Because of the fact that there is far less tissue damage caused by the procedure its self, the fact that it does not require general anaesthesia and the post – operative analgesia requirement is less it means that as a patient you recover much faster from the operation and you can truly have a walk in walk out experience both from the operation room and the hospital. Small treatment areas can even be treated in your lunch break! For more information on BodyJet see the dedicated website pages here or contact us for an appointment.

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