Hamburg Bodyjet user group meeting

I have just come back from the 2nd annual BodyJet user group meeting where I was the only representative from the UK. This meeting details forthcoming technical advances from Humed regarding the BodyJet system. Two really exciting developments, one due to be released later in the year and one out now, are a collector system that will directly harvest stem cells from the liposucked fat (making nanofat very easy to prepare) and a cannula specifically designed for facelifts (which reduces the swelling and bruising post operatively  and thus recovery time). Needless to say I have already ordered some facelift cannulas so that my patients can benefit from this new advance – the results of the surgery using this novel technique are very impressive – post operative photographs demonstrate much lower levels of facial swelling and bruising at both a week and 2 weeks post surgery. This will certainly reduce post operative downtime and mean that facelift surgery may be a much more viable option for those worried about how long they care out of action for. For more information about the new facelift technique please get in contact with us.

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