Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation handbook

For anyone considering breast augmentation surgery using silicone implants I have just released my patient guide to the operation.

Packed with all the things that I believe are relevant to making the right choices during the consultation and surgery it is available in PDF format. It covers who is suitable for breast augmentation using silicone implants, other procedures that may need to be performed at the same time to achieve optimal results (such as a mastopexy or breast uplift for those who have lost shape as well as want increased breast volume) and takes you through the sizing process when choosing what implant is right for you.

Also covered in the booklet is an illustrative guide to the surgery, post op recovery and what to look out for when making the decision on where and with whom to have your operation. I have also included a variety of pre and post op pictures so that you can see the size increase achieved with a range of implants.

To request a copy of the guide click here and we will email you a copy alternatively visit the breast augmentation page on the site and click on the download link.

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