Male Tummy Tuck

Body confidence is key for young men as more turn to tummy tucks and lipo

Tummy tucks: they’re not just for yummy mummies any more. Cosmetic clinics have seen a huge uptick in demand for the procedure of late, and it’s not just women who are interested in help with their body shape – more and more men are starting to see the benefits of cosmetic surgery for a more sculpted physique or rejuvenated face.

According to new figures released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 1.3 million cosmetic procedures were performed on men last year – and that figure is set to rise in the next few years.

What’s popular amongst men? Body contouring

A quick glance at the stats demonstrates that body image is becoming as popular a concern amongst men as it is with women, with liposuction procedures amongst men rising by 23% over the past five years, and tummy tucks rising by 12%. Many commentators point to the influence of social media on body image as men become just as aware of body confidence as women – and luckily for both sexes, we can help. For now, let’s talk about the three body contouring surgery procedures that saw the most growth among men…

Male breast reduction

Also known as gynaecomastia reduction or gyno surgery, a male breast reduction surgery aims to reduce excess fat, glandular tissue or stretched skin on the chest that contribute to the appearance of male breasts. Depending on the cause, you may only need liposuction to reshape the chest area, whereas some patients will require a surgical procedure similar to a breast reduction.


Fat reduction with liposuction remains a highly popular procedure with women and now more and more men are interested in undergoing the body reshaping procedure. A small incision is made in the target area, and a cannula – a hollow metal tube, attached to a suction pump – is inserted. Then, the requisite amounts of fat cells are sucked out, in order to achieve a smoother and more even appearance. In certain cases, men require a targeted procedure in order to remove fat that diet and exercise can’t shift: this is generally known as ‘lipomodelling’.

Tummy tucks

Men usually prefer the term ‘abdominoplasty’, but the procedure is the same: it’s a procedure which contours the abdomen by removing the excess skin, tightening up the stomach muscles and removing any excess fat on the stomach.

If you feel like you want some help with achieving a certain body shape, book a body contouring surgery consultation to discuss your options.