Backs, necks and breast reductions

A complaint that patients often come to see me for is that they are uncomfortable with the size of their breasts – uncomfortable in their neck and backs! If you have large breasts this can result in poor posture, strained neck and back musculature and bra straps that dig into your shoulders. Many of the ladies who attend my clinic have spent a long while wondering if anything could be done to help them and are delighted to discover that there may be a solution to their problem. Breast reduction surgery does exactly what the name suggests, but what can be achieved from the operation extends beyond simply taking a weight off your back and shoulders. The breast originates in the tissue overlying the chest wall (the pectoral muscles). It is made of specialised tissue (designed to produce milk) and is organised into lobes (15 to 20 on average per breast) that are in turn are made up of the milk producing regions known as lobules. The shape of the breast comes from the connective tissue and ligaments of the breast, which hold the glandular tissue together and attach the skin and breast tissue to the underlying muscles.

The effects of gravity on large breasts results in stretching of the connective tissue and ligaments and results in loss of shape of the breasts with the passage of time so that they appear saggy or stretched. Breast reduction surgery not only reduces the weight of the breast by removing glandular tissue, but it also tightens the skin ‘envelope’ of the breast and repositions the nipple so that the breast appears more youthful and aesthetic. By reducing the weight of the breasts, breast reduction surgery relieves strain on the neck, back and shoulders (making you more comfortable), creates a better shape to the breast (making them more in proportion to you and placing the nipple back to where it would be in a youthful breast) and reduces the amount of strain being placed on the supporting tissues of the breast by gravity (helping to prevent the breasts from sagging). For patients this means greater levels of comfort and increased confidence with the way they look. As a procedure it is an operation that consistently yields high levels of patient satisfaction and one that can transform a patients quality of life. For more information on breast reduction surgery click here to visit the breast reduction page on my website and see how the surgery is performed in my patient guide on you tube.

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